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Anonymous asked:

hi! :) What are your top five favourite tumblr blogs? :3


Ooh anon, that is harrddddd because I like so many.

I have been up and down my tumblr a stupid amount of times in order to decide this, and I’m still not sure, but here’s what it currently is ^_^

searchingforaprincess has gotta be on here, he made me get a tumblr in the first place :-P He always tries to make his followers smiley and make new friends, is super nice to everyone, and I hope he finds his princess soon because he totally deserves it.

ddlgdoodles because she does awesome drawings that are also fun and educational for the community, and she gives really friendly, helpful answers to all the questions she gets. Big fan.

dreamiedaddy should be on here because it’s a wonderful thing that so many people can go to him for advice if they are scared, confused, need help, or just need someone to talk to. I’ve never sent him a question myself, but it’s comforting knowing he’s around.

imawaytoneverland also gets a mention because she is so wonderful and encouraging when it comes to littles, and has such a lot of positive messages to reassure people what a great thing it is to be little. I always read and re-read her blog if I’m having a bit of a wobble.

care4baby because Daddy Paul is a bit of a hero (especially having that many little ones), posts lots of awesome stuff, and is also the man behind where I’ve met a whole bunch of lovely people.

I’m sorry for all the people I couldn’t put on here, but I think my followers and everyone I follow are just flippin’ fab. :)

Many thanks for the shout out, its greatly appreciated. Im glad your enjoying the site. It means a lot t know that its helping people find new friends. Hugs Daddy Paul

submittinkitten asked:

Dear mister daddy Paul, guess what I just did!?!? I just bought my first diapers ever!! Hehe I went to the store and got them! I havent tried them yet, but I'm excited!

Thats fantastic news.. I really really hope you make a special event out of wearing for the first time.

Clear some space, get your favourite cuddly toy and your dummy, gather some toys and dolls and put some kids cartoons on the TV

Have a bottle ready and some yummy finger foods.

Just.. have fun, :)

and dont forget a second clean nappy before bedtime


Daddy Paul.

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