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daddyncharlie asked:

Hiya :) Im picking up my little tomorrow to go to the hospital for her surgery. Is there anything I should do prior to picking her up to get her ready and after she wakes up? Should I do anything at home to prepare her coming home? As well, is there anything special I can do that will make telling the nursing staff help to take care of her properly and try to treat her right like I do? with special care? She's extremely fragile :/

I don’t think I got to this post in time.. but in case its still relevant, and for everyone else there…

Do as much prep before and after the event as possible, really lavish the attention on her as she will be feeling super stressed before the event and incredibly frustrated during and after the hospital stay. So anything that you can do to keep her routines stable and balanced before and after is a really good idea…


(I don’t want to panic you or worry you unjustly, but I need you to understand that I’m talking from genuine first hand experience here with one of my girls…)

But…Telling the nurses staff about anything, or trying to arrange with the nurses to do anything inside the hospital with anything that is overtly “little” is something you should ONLY do with extreme caution. The nurses as part of their job are trained to watch out and be aware of any mental imbalances or issues with patients in their care. And overt or inappropriate behaviour by the patient in the form of regressive behaviours, or apparent codependency expressed through fetishised role-play, or anything like that will only get them to call one of their friends from psyche ward up from the floor below to pop up when they have a quiet 5 mins. This is especially true if your girl has any previous history of mental problems on her records. 

I mean ( and to prove REALLY not trying to put you off engaging in play in public.. I’m just reminding you off the real world through my experiences ) there is loads you can do “under the radar”, subtlety is the key here…Things like  get some more “grown up” colouring books, having one or two cuddly toys is okay too and a bright balloon is the norm they sell them at the gift shop,  flowers and bright cheery cards are all fine and give you opportunities to bring little “aspects” into play to pass the time and reassure her in such a scary. The more fun and bright and colourful BUT be careful. 

I know your concerned, and its good you are that she needs special attention, but its those sort of things that if handed badly can really raise the flags with the hospital staff. As it rings alarm bells for them. Its like an overly concerned or protective mother does the same for kids nurses, they watch the parents as much as they do the kids for sign of stress. its part of the job.

Im sorry the post had to be negative… but its best you hear it from me than do as I did and experience it yourself as that’s a hard hard lesson to learn and best avoided. So be smart and play safe.

Daddy Paul.

thecuddler8000 asked:

Um...hai I think your blog is really cool and I hope I can get to know you personally and ask you for advice. I'm a little and I'm looking for a daddy and I just need help figuring out a place to start! :3

Hi there, sure I always do my best to help any little in need.

Just ask me whatever you want, whenever you want, and I will always do my best to answer you openly and honestly with my many years of experience taking care of little girls or boys.

Dont forget to directly say though if you want to talk privately about anything sensitive as my default setting for this blog is to be open and to share this advice with my readers..

Write again soon little one.
Daddy Paul 

Caution : Daddy warning…

Not for the sensitive souls amongst us. Some littles may find the following trailer disturbing as it re-imagines Rugrats as a modern “Tarantino” style Psychodrama.

Made by Funny or Die this contains strong language - but it is funny and weird and creepy..

Rugrats from Alia Shawkat

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